Sunday, March 3, 2013

Signature Squares Swap

There will be a signature square swap at the Bendigo Retreat, as there has been at previous retreats.

The swap is made up of sets of two x 6 ½” squares of fabric; the first is a feature fabric which fits the theme of the retreat and the second is a “signature” square. These two squares are pinned or stitched together in one corner and you make one set for every person in the swap. At the retreat you will be given a list of all the swappers and then you have to try and find them all! (don’t worry – they’ll be looking for you too!) You then take them home and make a quilt out of them – eventually.

This year the theme is "Christmas in July”, but we have decided NOT to use Christmas fabrics. Instead we are going with “Winter” and tying it in with the Retreat colour theme and logo…


SO the first fabric can be any BLUE fabric! It must be blue only or read blue from arms-length – no blue & something

The “signature” square should be WHITE (we are talking snow-white or ice-white here, not off-white or nearly-white) quilter’s homespun or possibly a White-on-white print; decorated in whatever manner you would like, and MUST have the following on it:

  • Your name
  • The name of the town and state you come from. You can add further information if you wish - if you live outside Australia you should include the country.
  • The words “Bendigo Retreat 2013”
  • DON’T put your email address, they change too often, and won’t be relevant years from now anyway!
You can decorate this signature square any way you like, but do keep in mind that they will be included in someone else’s quilt, so steer clear of treatments that can’t be washed or ironed and remember that three-dimensional embellishments may have to be removed for quilting . In the past people have used screen printing, stamping, embroidery, appliqué, ink-jet printed photos etc. The decoration should stay well inside the 6” finished size, so that it doesn’t get lost into the seam allowance when the blocks are sewn together.

To register for this swap, you will need to email me – the swap diva - directly (email address is on Retreat Yahoo Groups page) by Sunday 7th July 2013. Please put “Retreat Sig. Swap” in the subject line. Please note: ticking the box on the Retreat registration form does not automatically enter you into this swap!

Good luck!

Bronwyn van’t Hof (Sig Swap Diva)


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